Farming in 1890 to 1900

Unidentified man in field driving a horse drawn farm machine, ca. 1900. Farming was a very hard job in 1890 - 1900. You had to boil potatoes for the pigs and feed the cows turnips.

Every farm would have two to three horses. Horses were used for ploughing, seeding, harrowing, threshing, digging potatoes, and taking money crops to the market. Horses were named either human or royal names (King, Queen, Prince, etc).

Horses were treated as members of the family. They were special for their beauty, intelligence and usefulness. Draft horses were mainly farm horses, because they were very strong and had good endurance. If you didn't have enough money to buy two horses, you would have a mixed breed called a Morgan. Farms usually had an average of 100 acres. The photo on the left was taken around 1900. (PARO, Acc 2301/275)

Cecil proudly shows one of his beautiful farm horses. This photo on the right shows a farm horse. (Horse with Cecil. Contributor: Bonnie Stewart)

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